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Case Study: Myntra goes digital to streamline staff trainings

Part of the Flipkart group, Myntra is known for its exceptional fashion experience. Myntra has brought to fore industry-defining practices like “Try and Buy”, “Free Alterations”, “Easy Exchanges”, that deliver a differentiated experience to customers. This has translated to business success and today Myntra stands tall as the undisputed fashion leader in their market delivering over 100,000 shipments every day.

However, delivering superior customer experience consistently to over 10,000 pin-codes in the country is no small feat. To tackle this, Myntra has their own supply chain function which allows them to control end to end experience.

Customer experience for the company relies heavily on their logistics team. This means that their delivery staff needs to be well-trained, well-groomed and reflect the brand promise of helping customers ‘Look Good’.

Till recently, Myntra was achieving this through a traditional classroom-training process. In early 2017, the leadership team decided that with growing scale, they would need a fresh approach to keep delivering on the brand promise.


  • Training a 5,000-member delivery team spread across 200 locations.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training
  • Reaching out to the entire staff, given that attendance levels on any particular day are only around 75%.


  • Adopting a mobile-approach to what was predominantly classroom-led training.
  • Using Noticeboard, a mobile-workforce communication platform to execute it.


  • After using Noticeboard, the time to roll-out new processes reduced by 87%.
  • Training now reaches 100% of the staff, making audits easy for the management.
  • With reduced travel, training costs have come down.

With Noticeboard, our staff training has become faster, cheaper and more effective. An additional benefit is that our employees are now more engaged and motivated.

-Sourabh Pandey, Head of Myntra Logistics

How Myntra leverages Noticeboard:

Myntra started rolling out quick training videos on Noticeboard. Small, byte-sized videos made training simple and engaging for their ground staff.

The dissemination of training content, from the headquarters in Bengaluru to 55+ cities, shrunk from an 8-day effort to 1.

Currently, as part of its content plan, the team launches new processes twice a week. Myntra also uses Noticeboard to drive engagement with the team by sharing company updates, performance feedback among other topics.

The delivery team, which is hard pressed for time, now gets trained on their smartphone, at a time and place of their choice. The trainers know which of the employees have skipped training and evaluation and can follow-up with them on the app immediately.

Additionally, reposting prior content and sending snippets in the form of photos and quizzes helps reinforce training, eliminating travel for many trainers.

Digital training done right.

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