Set up monitoring mechanisms to ensure a consistent brand experience across the continents

Accelerate on-field productivity and elevate your brand experience
Train your sales staff to constantly keep improving, and run frequent visual audits with your partners.

Convert sales partners into brand advocates

Engage, train and manage your sales partners to improve shelf visibility.

Keep everyone on the same page

Instantly share company-wide announcements, news, new process rollouts, and policy changes.

Run paperless audits

Use inbuilt templates to schedule audits, gather data and consolidate information.

Automate recurring tasks

Schedule and assign tasks to individuals or groups, manage inspections, and audits.

Dashboards for organizational insights

Monitor activity levels, draw insights, and take action, directly from your team dashboard.

Noticeboard Unlimited team size
Unlimited team size

Seamless deployment for teams of 50 or 500,000

Noticeboard Number based login
Number based login

Reach everyone in your team, even if they don't have an email

Noticeboard app SOS messaging
SOS messaging

Go beyond simple notifications for important messages

Noticeboard Mobile LMS app
Mobile LMS

Best in class mobile learning with mandatory flows and API based training

Noticeboard Content Services
Content Services

Mobile-friendly animated videos with vernacular voice-overs

Noticeboard Certifications for deskless workforce

Award certificates to top performers on their learning journeys

Noticeboard Tasks and Checklists app
Tasks and Checklists

Run audits and inspections, with proof of completion

Noticeboard Fault Reporting app
Fault Reporting

No need to go through long reports, focus your attention where it's needed

Noticeboard Enterprise Grade Security
Enterprise Grade Security

Data protection at every level

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