Frontend Developer - Android

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Job Description

Noticeboard is seeking a Android developer to join the team. You will work closely with the leadership team in Engineering and Product in your role.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Building native android application in Java.
  • Writing smooth UI using recycler view, background threads.
  • Consuming data from APIs using Retrofit, OkHttp3, Gson.
  • Writing offline datastores using greendao.
  • Debugging, including identifying memory leaks, performance bottlenecks, and using tools like adb, proguard, etc.
  • Have full ownership of the android application and change various elements/technologies as per business needs. Stack mentioned above is the starting point.


  • Have worked on two or more Android apps in the past. Apps published to Play Store are a plus.
  • Be familiar with Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, and the ecosystem.
  • Be familiar with Material Design guidelines, common mobile UX patterns, and anti-patterns.
  • Have understanding of advanced Android concepts like Custom Views, Accessibility Services, background processing APIs.
  • Have experience with common Android libraries like Retrofit, OkHttp, Picasso, RxJava, Gson, Arch-components etc.
  • Have understanding of different architectural patterns (esp. MVVM) and their testability.

Desired Extra Skills

  • Able to tell good design from bad design.
  • Able to write clean, maintainable code which others can work on.
  • Always keen to decrease tech debt, participate in code review sessions and suggest best practices.
  • Have experience with different programming paradigms, esp. functional and reactive programming.
  • Familiar with git and continuous integration.
  • Good at object-oriented programming and multi-threading.

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