Backend Developer

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Job Description

Noticeboard is seeking a backend developer to join the team. You will work closely with the leadership team in Engineering and Product in your role.

Technologies You Will Work On

  • Java EE, Spring, Tomcat, CXF for building RESTful micro-services.
  • Hibernate and MySQL for transactional data.
  • Kafka and Cassandra for processing big data.
  • ElasticSearch and Redis for fast caching and searching.
  • Spring Integration and RabbitMQ for loosely coupled asynchronous message driven actors.
  • Jenkins Pipeline for build & deploy.
  • Docker and Kubernetes for containerisationCS degree from a reputable college.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with product team and construct the tech roadmap.
  • Design, build and scale our back end micro-services.
  • Promote code from dev to staging and release to production.
  • Pro-actively catch and fix bugs, provide support for the back end services.
  • Instrument code - learn to profile and re-architect to remove bottlenecks and scale.
  • Manage servers and infrastructure - keep the lights on and refine the deployment architecture.


  • Experience working in dynamic environments with good engineering teams and solving interesting problems.
  • CS degree from a reputable college.
  • Strong in basic Computer Science, algorithms & data structures.
  • Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL.
  • Familiarity with Service Oriented Architecture and building RESTful services.
  • Experience with message processing, caching, NoSQL data stores and enterprise architecture will be a plus.

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