Frontend Developer

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Job Description

Noticeboard is seeking a frontend (react.js) developer to join the team. You will work closely with the leadership team in Engineering and Product in your role.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Building responsive and user-friendly single-page web applications - in ReactJS
  • Designing state-less components - React JS
  • Styling the components with Radium
  • State management with redux-saga
  • Interaction with backend rest API integration using axios
  • Sandbox deployment via npm; webpack and Production deployment on node and express
  • Have full ownership of the web application and change various elements/technologies as per business needs. Stack mentioned above is the starting point.


  • Great at building responsive and user-friendly single-page applications in React, Redux, ES7, Saga, Axios, Webpack, HTML5, CSS, Radium.
  • Excellent HTML, CSS knowledge
  • Solid experience in other frameworks and javascript to meet the 3+ years requirement is fine.
  • Good understanding of Chrome developer tools.
  • Understand how to debug hard problems in HTTP, XHR, JSON, CORS, SSL, etc.
  • Comfortable with build tools like Webpack, Babel, NPM.

Desired Extra Skills

  • Possess some knowledge of sketch
  • Be passionate about UX design. See things from a user’s point of view.
  • Knowledge of other languages is a huge plus. E.g. Java.
  • Good knowledge of Rest API calls; postman.

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