Empower your delivery staff to deal with customers

Simplify onboarding, track and share performance reports and updates, keep everyone engaged and ready for work.
Provide the right training and knowledge on the go
Improve speed and quality of your communications and trainings, put a prepared face in front of your customers

Keep everyone on the same page

Instantly share company-wide announcements, news, new process rollouts and policy changes.

Train remotely with rich and bite size content

Cut down on the travel, logistics, and other allied training costs. Use images, videos and text to enhance learning outcomes.

Test with interactive quizzes

Conduct polls and quizzes, download results to analyse and take corrective actions.

Track, measure and share performance

Identify leaders, knowledge gaps and participation rates with detailed reports.

Improve job satisfaction through engagement
Give everyone a voice, make them part of your growth story.

Check the Pulse

Gain crucial insights about job satisfaction, everyday work-life and their opinion on new policies.

Resolve issues before it's too late

Set up discreet complaint channels and address issues before they contemplate leaving the job.

Nurture a community, improve retention

Create a mini-Instagram for drivers to share their special on-road moments with everyone.

Publicly recognize their efforts

Reward milestones, encourage peer recognition, publicly thank them for their contribution, so they form a strong bond with the company.

Drive accountability with transparent task management
Most tools only help you create and assign tasks. We ensure completion too.

Run paperless audits

Use inbuilt templates to schedule audits, gather data and consolidate information.

Automate recurring task

Schedule and assign tasks to individuals or groups.

Dashboards for organizational insights

Monitor activity levels, draw insights and take action, directly from your team dashboard.

Track and download reports

Analyse participation levels across tasks, polls or quizzes.

Get your staff started on Noticeboard

Everything you need to reach your drivers

Unlimited team size

Works on Android, iOS & Web

Uncluttered communication

Nifty templates for polls & quizzes

On road data collection with tasks

Enterprise grade security & support



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