Core principles that drive our product
Maximize reach
Minimize clutter
Maximize feedback

Digitize your field operations

Convert your paper-based checklists into real time insights with Noticeboard, your digital checklist app.

Run paperless audits

Set up templates to schedule audits, gather data, and consolidate information.

Automate recurring tasks

Set up frequencies for your daily inspection checklists and let our reminder engine do the rest.

Leverage the power of mobile

Don't rely just on simple checklists, capture pictures of issues on your digital checklist app.

Go green, eliminate paper

Move away from paper-based checklists - save money and the environment in one shot.

Noticeboard Daily Inspection Checklist App
Collect and Analyze data from the field

Design workflows

Set up checklists and tasks to reflect your operations.

Add logic to workflows

Our if/else widgets allows you to collect data where required.

Use multiple widgets

Whether it is a simple checklist, or a combination of date, location, and images, we have smart widgets for all type of data capture.

Configure reminders

Drive compliance for your daily inspection checklists by getting your team notified on the task at hand.

Real-time actionable data of what is happening on the field
Monitor your field operations at your finger-tips through real-time reports on your digital checklist app.

Everything in one place

Dashboard, reports, images, all available for your team at the same place.

Fault reporting

Don't worry about going through mountains of data, our systems will alert you on faults.

Identify gaps in a glance

Review data and performance from different sites, identify and plug gaps seamlessly.

Noticeboard Real Time Checklist App

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Enterprise grade security
We protect data at every level through a combination of security protocols, compliance checks and policy formulation.
Noticeboard Daily and Digital checklist app

All data resides in a virtual Private Cloud

Hosted in AWS ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Multi-layered secure access to thwart data theft.

A 24X7 monitoring to ensure 0 downtime.

Data security at rest and in transit

AES encryption for resting data.

SSL/TLS encryption for every server request.

Complete audit and data recovery

Fault-tolerant data services.

Regular and secure backup of data.

Audit logs to drill down and investigate user actions.

Complete control over data

Data and documents can only be viewed and not shared outside your organization.

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