Core principles that drive our product

Maximize reach
Minimize clutter
Maximize feedback
Connect with your deskless workforce
Make every employee a part of your story. Connect with them even if they don’t have a corporate email ID.

Number based login

Enterprise-grade secure login.

Two-step invite process

Add 1000s of employees in 2 simple steps, via phonebook or in bulk.

Unlimited team size

Works well for teams of 50 or 50,000.

iOS, Android and Web

We work on all devices that workforce uses.

Works offline too

Local cache ensures work doesn’t stop even if the internet does.

Ensure no one misses important updates
Share new process roll-outs, company-wide announcements, news and alerts.


Share new process roll-outs, company-wide announcements, news and alerts.

Create rich content

Communicate with images and videos. Conduct polls and quizzes. Share documents and moments.

Make discussions meaningful

Comments linked to your broadcasts make conversations clutter-free.

Manage roles & privileges

Control who can view, publish and moderate posts in every group.

Communicate real-time with enterprise chat
Instant follow ups, quick discussions, effective clarifications.
1:1 or group
Chat with a single person or a group
Improve retention through effective engagement
Engage with all employees, acknowledge their work and address their concerns.

Keep the buzz alive through social boards

Create a mini-instagram to share moments and celebrate milestones.

Resolve employee grievances

Set up groups to resolve issues discreetly and swiftly.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Automate weekly surveys with inbuilt widgets to gain actionable insights.

Make your staff trainings efficient and effective
We simplify trainings and outcome measurements, especially for distributed teams.

Train remotely to save time and resources

Cut down on travel and logistics while training everyone effectively.

Train with bite-sized content

Use images, videos and text to enhance learning outcomes.

Test with interactive quizzes

Add multiple quizzes and polls to evaluate them.

Track and measure performance

Identify leaders, knowledge gaps and participation rates with detailed reports.

Get your team started on Noticeboard

Drive accountability with transparent task management
Most tools only help you create and assign tasks. We ensure completion too.

Run paperless audits

Use inbuilt templates to schedule audits, gather data and consolidate information.

Automate recurring task

Schedule and assign tasks for individuals or groups.

Dashboards for organizational insights

Monitor activity levels, draw insights and take action, directly from your team dashboard.

Track and download reports

Analyse participation levels across tasks, polls or quizzes.

Enterprise grade security
We protect data at every level through a combination of security protocols, compliance checks and policy formulation.

All data resides in a virtual Private Cloud

Hosted in AWS ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Multi-layered secure access to thwart data theft.

A 24X7 monitoring to ensure 0 downtime.

Data security at rest and in transit

AES encryption for resting data.

SSL/TLS encryption for every server request.

Complete audit and data recovery

Fault-tolerant data services.

Regular and secure backup of data.

Audit logs to drill down and investigate user actions.

Complete control over data

Data and documents can only be viewed and not shared outside your organization.

Works seamlessly with your current business app
Integrate the Noticeboard SDK into your existing stack in less than an hour.
Content Advisory to deliver success for your team
We offer a complete content solution along with our product to ensure quick adoption and great results for your team. From consulting to advisory to execution, we do it all.

Mobile content strategy

Devise custom-built strategy for your staff.

Implement proven practices adopted by industry leaders.

Develop a phase-wise plan from onboarding all the way to final adoption.



Recommend the right tools to create content.

Support and provide suggestions based on output metrics and usage patterns.



If you do not have the bandwidth, we take up the content execution as well.

Work with stakeholders to ensure that the content aligns with the objective.

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