Core principles that drive our product
Maximize reach
Minimize clutter
Maximize feedback

Make your field staff training efficient and effective

We simplify trainings and outcome measurements, especially for distributed teams.

Train remotely to save time and resources

Cut down on travel and logistics while training everyone effectively.

Train with bite-sized content

Use images, videos and text to enhance frontline staff training.

Test with interactive quizzes

Add multiple quizzes and polls to evaluate them.

Track and measure performance

Identify leaders, knowledge gaps and participation rates with detailed reports.

Noticeboard frontline and field staff training
Monitor performance in real-time
Actionable dashboards arm you with insights into the strengths and opportunities for your field staff.

Monitor progress

Use our interactive dashboards to monitor and track real-time progress of your team.

Send reminders

Alert team members who are falling behind their learning journey with a simple click.

Customize your dashboard

Slice and dice your data with custom filters that reflect your business.

Mobile dashboard

Manage field staff performance while on the go. We're fully mobile, which means native capabilities for administrators as well as staff.

Noticeboard frontline and field staff training Monitor performance
API Based Training
Integrate Noticeboard within your app, trigger contextual training modules.
Noticeboard frontline and field staff training API Based Training

Integrate Noticeboard into your app

Ensure that your field staff has access to all their apps in one location, no separate download required.

Trigger contextual training

Our APIs allow training to be triggered basis inputs from your app, which means contextual learning and better outcomes for field sales training.

Mandatory modules

For mandatory content, set up our training to be part of your app workflow, which ensures training completion as and when required.

Get your team started on Noticeboard

Content Advisory to deliver success for your team
We offer a complete content solution along with our product to ensure quick adoption and great results for your team. From consulting to advisory to execution, we do it all.
Noticeboard frontline and field staff training Advisory to deliver

Mobile content strategy

Custom mobile content strategy for your frontline staff training.

Implement proven practices adopted by industry leaders, from field sales training to staff engagement.

Develop a phase-wise plan from onboarding all the way to final adoption.



Recommend the right tools to create content.

Support and provide suggestions based on output metrics and usage patterns.



If you do not have the bandwidth, we take up the content execution as well.

Work with stakeholders to ensure that the content aligns with the objective.

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