Improve Driver Retention

A modern communication tool to help carriers deliver respect and recognition to drivers, reduce friction with managers and resolve issues.
Ensure Drivers feel as important as your customers
By giving everyone a voice and making them part of your growth, employees can feel more than just employees.

Check the Pulse

Gain crucial insights about job satisfaction and mental health. Identify potential quitters through automated surveys/polls.

Resolve issues before it's too late

Set up discreet complaint channels and address issues before they contemplate leaving the job.

Nurture a community

Create a mini-Instagram for drivers to share their special on-road moments with everyone.

Publicly recognize their efforts

Reward milestones, encourage peer recognition, publicly thank them for their contribution, so they form a strong bond with the company.

Improved quality and speed of communication
Set up robust communication channels and standards that work even when on the road.

Keep everyone on the same page

Instantly share company-wide announcements, traffic and accident alerts, new FMCSA regulations, and more.

Share much more than just messages

Communicate with images and videos. Conduct polls and quizzes for new developments. Share regulatory documents and special moments.

Remove clutter from important channels

Customise each channel and set user permissions, for eg. who can post and who can join. Keep discussions contextual.

Secure 1-on-1 and group chat

Securely message drivers for direct and ad-hoc communication, without displaying personal details.

Get your drivers started on Noticeboard

Everything you need to reach your drivers

Unlimited team size

Works on Android, iOS & Web

Uncluttered communication

Nifty templates for polls & quizzes

On road data collection with tasks

Enterprise grade security & support



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