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The rules of the game have changed. How ready are you?

How incredible would it be if creating a picture was as easy as typing a message on Whatsapp?

In a perfect world, both would take the same amount time, provided we know what we are going to write/create.

But, it isn’t a perfect world, after all. However, we do know what we’re going to write/create, if we’re in the training industry.

Creating visual content from scratch in this sector is far easier than it was a decade ago. A thorough understanding of how content creators work, coupled with superb product designs has given birth to some wonderfully intuitive products.

Let me introduce you to some of them. All of them have one common feature:

They come with robust content generation frameworks for all formats: be it for video, images, or text formats. These products take over the “non-core” aspects of the job and gives us more time to focus on our field of specialty, ie content design and creation.

Here’s what we mean: If we want to create an animated video, we should only be concerned about what the video will convey, and not worry about the graphic creation, booking a slot at an audio-recording studio and more such.

With these tools one needs to spend just anywhere between 1–10 minutes to create the visuals.

It takes about an hour to distill a 10-slide powerpoint presentation into the mobile-friendly lesson… If you are in the same boat, here are some must-use tools we would recommend.


Used for: Creating animated videos

Time to make a 20 second video: 10 minutes

The possibilities for different storylines on this platform, is endless. In this plug-and-play atmosphere, you can make characters do the cha-cha at a conference, or convey a complex concept from under the tree, or even have them break down with grief. 
Pick a character(s), pick a setting, add relevant text, insert animations, and you’re good to go!

Pricing: At the creation stage, everything on the platform is free. If you need GoAnimate logos to be taken off your final video, then an upgrade is necessary.

2. Pixton:

Created on

Used for : Creating comic strips

Time taken to create this comic: 3 minutes

Pixton is the Goanimate-equivalent of comic strips.

Pricing: Just like GoAnimate, creating this comic strip is free of cost. 
But to download your strip, you will need to upgrade your account.

3. Canva:

Why say it..

..when you can show it!

Used for: Photo creation, photo editing, making collages, infographics, inserting text into pictures and more.

Time to create a visual: anywhere between 2–10 minutes.

Canva is a wonderland for design amateurs. Right from creating infographics, charts, collages, all the way to business cards and wedding invites, Canva supports all.

4. Instagram:

Created with Instagram Stories Editor. Collage made on Photocollage

Used for: Creating differentiated and realistic visuals, at ease.

Time to create a visual: 1 minute

Unlike the three tools mentioned above, Instagram Stories Editor is a mobile-first content creation platform. This is especially great if your content needs to be funky and new-gen. This should be your go-to tool, if you don’t have luxury of time.

Here’s how you use it: On your app, add a story (image, text, video, effects.. you name it). Every story is a distinct element. DO NOT post it to your feed. Simply save it and pick it up from your gallery.


Created on

Created with the first tool we mentioned above 🙂

If there are other tools you love using, please send a shout out or comment below! (It sure will help a lot of us in the community.)

If not, go ahead and create something of fun, today.

PS: Do you have your lesson plan ready? (no? Then here’s some help.)

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